Assessment, Discharge and Withdrawal Notices between Hospitals and Social Services

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Description This information standard defines a set of Assessment, Discharge and Withdrawal (ADW) Notices to support compliance with the Care Act 2014.
Reference code SCCI2075
Has the standard been published? Yes
Nationally Mandated Yes
Status of standard Active
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Standard type Information codes of practice
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Topic Continuity of care (ToC)
Care setting
  • Hospital
  • Social care
Related standards No known related standards
Dependencies This specification should be read in conjunction with the following standards: 1 ISB 0149 Amd 136/201012 NHS Number Standard Specification 2 ISB 0149-0213 NHS Number for Secondary Care 3 ISB 150114 Common User Interface - Time Display 4 ISB 150315 Common User Interface - Date Display
Assurance This standard has been approved by the Standardisation committee for care information (legacy) and published as an information standard notice (ISN).
Endorsements The PRSB will be reviewing and adapting this standard as part of the social care pathfinders project and the standard will be submitted for endorsement during this process.