Devices Patient Level Contract Monitoring

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Description The Devices Patient Level Contract Monitoring (DePLCM) information standard enables the interchange of monthly patient level device contract monitoring data between commissioners and providers of healthcare in a uniform format. This will ensure that device contract monitoring and reporting is consistent, comparable and fit for purpose across all commissioning organisations and their footprints.
Reference code ISB1080
Has the standard been published? Yes
Nationally Mandated Yes
Status of standard Retired
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Standard type Data definitions and terminologies
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Topic Reference data
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  • Community health
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • GP / Primary care
Related standards * DCB3003: Patient Level Contract Monitoring * DCB2050 Aggregate Contract Monitoring (ACM) * DCB2212: Drugs Patient Level Contract Monitoring (DrPLCM)
Dependencies This standard needs to be reviewed and implemented alongside NHS Data Model and Dictionary
Assurance This standard was approved by the Information Standards Board (legacy) and published as an information standard notice (ISN).