Palliative Care Co-ordination: Core Content

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Description This information standard specifies the core content to be held in electronic palliative care co-ordination systems (EPaCCS) and supports NHS England's objective to increase the use of technology to help people manage their health and care.
Reference code SCCI1580
Has the standard been published? Yes
Nationally Mandated Yes
Status of standard Active
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Standard type Data definitions and terminologies
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Topic Key care information
Care setting
  • Community health
  • Hospital
  • GP / Primary care
Related standards * ISB 1500-1508: Common User Interface standards for entry and/or display of: patient name, address, telephone number, sex and gender, NHS number; date; time; patient banner * ISB 0129 Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Manufacture of Health IT Systems * ISB 0160 Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Deployment and Use of Health IT Systems * ISB 0149-02 NHS number for secondary care * ISB 0149-01 NHS number for general practice * ISB 1552 & 1553 Read Codes * ISB 0034 SNOMED CT * ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information technology – security techniques – information security management systems – requirements * ISB 0090 Organisation Data Service (ODS) Other relates professional standards include: * End of life care for adults quality standard (NICE). November 2011 * NMC Code: Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives. NMC (2015) *Academy of Medical Royal Colleges record keeping standards for patient handover and hospital discharge * Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient records. Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and HSCIC. July 2013 * NHS improving quality guidance and training materials * Cancer outcomes and services dataset (SCCI1521) * Community information data set (SCCI1510) * Palliative care clinical data set (SCCI2036)
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Assurance This standard has been approved by the Standardisation committee for care information (legacy) and published as an information standard notice (ISN).
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