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On May 4, 2022 at 1:04:18 PM UTC, Gravatar ckan_admin:
  • Changed value of field related_standards to • SCCI0034 SNOMED CT the clinical terminology standard to support direct management of care • EDIFACT ISB 1557 the current clinical message exchange standard for GP-Hospital Communications, including pathology information using variant NHS003 • HL7 Version 2 (V2) and (V3) CDA® (HL7 Clinical Document Architecture); the current message exchange (de-facto) standard across secondary care/middleware including pathology test results from Laboratory Information Management Systems • HL7 FHIR; the interoperability standard identified to facilitate the exchange of all healthcare information across the NHS in the future • The Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM); the international standard for all units of measure being contemporarily used, including Healthcare • The NHS Pathology Bounded Code List used within the ISB 1557 EDIFACT for the Pathology domain which, along with the NHS National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue are still released and were utilised to inform this specification. in Pathology Test and Results Standard